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Bubble Shooter Game UI Design Process

Personal Project

Time: 15-20 hours


1.Research about happy and bright art style

2.Play a lot of bubble shooter games!!!

3.Explore themes: Space(can have a clean background) and Candy(\(\(can have a lot of different and colorful bubbles)

4.Character: little robot (hold the next bubble)

5.Menu design

6.Use different patterns and colors for bubblesPolish and clean


Summary:I started with the space theme with a clean sky as the background, the character and the player look like inside of a spaceship. But I also really like the idea to have different patterns and colors for the bubbles which was more towards the candy theme. So I change the theme to a candy factory, the character is a little robot who has a glass shell so you can see the next bubble inside her body. When you switch the bubble (tap on the robot), she opens her shell and switch the bubbles.

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