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Kno_Educational Games

Summer Intern

June 2013 - August 2013(Four games in total)


Shine Li, Sim Yang, Davis Dong, Himanshu Vartak, Mike Hsu, Yi-Hsuan Chou


Project Sponsors

Kno Inc.

My Contribution
-Be responsible for character development and animation

-Title screen design
-Game environment design


I was working on some educational games in Kno Inc. for their educational software for 3-6 graders. We had seven ETC students worked together to build four games in total in two months. We brainstormed together and I was the 2D artist on the team. So I was responsible from title screen design to character design and animation drawing. It's a great summer to work with all the people from ETC and it really reminded me of our BVW class.

The games are not released yet but there are some game art from the games I can show you.

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