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Samsara_Meaningful Artistic Tablet Game


January 2014 - May 2014


Orange Qi, Heather Martin, Ted Zhu, Dilara Semerci, Peter Guo, Euka Chen


Project Sponsors

Jiyoung Lee

My Contribution(As the UI/2D artist on the team)
-Be responsible for project logo/poster design

-Worked on UI design, game title screen and credit design

-Be responsible for character animation

-Building project website

-Shot and edited project video


Serenity is a motivated team of engineers and artists working on an ETC faculty pitched project with Jiyoung Lee.


Bullying is an unsolved social problem that results in both emotional and physical trauma for its victims. It is a problem that is rooted in negativity, so the philosophy of team Serenity is to create something positive.


Our goal is to make a game to encourage kids to interact with others in a positive way. Instead of making an educational game, we are creating a meaningful artistic game called Samsara that has a positive emotional impact on players. We are developing for iOS, Android and Web. Our target audience is teenagers, specifically ages 13 to 17.


Here is a link of our project website and please check our promo video below!



Download on iOS App Store , Google Play or even play online!










Game Art



Game Credit Screen Design

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