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Second Round

Graduation Work

As a comprehensive category of art, animation is a product of industrial society and the human quest for spiritual liberation. In contemporary society, animation is more than just an entertaining accessories, the development from an animation can create a great amount of market value, which becomes an essential driving force for global economic development. Therefore, the animation and its associated chain of multimedia product really have a great potential for students from digital media technology to explore.
This graduation project digital animation and game integrated media Second Round is based on an animation, with a game attached, try to form a suitable integrated media model for the development of today's animation industry, in order to get more resonance from the audience.

We have kicked the goal to complete a 5-minutes short film. The colorful scenes will bring visual enjoyment to the audience. Furthermore, it will guide people to a profound thought: how to keep a positive attitude in front of an imaginary “doomsday”.

This is the original animation from part of my group graduate work.
I was responsible for the character design, scriptwriting, drawing and post-production.

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