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Website Design

Welcome to Beijing_Website Design Practice


September 2011 - November 2011(10 Weeks)


Personal Project



I designed this website with the theme of Introducing Beijing’s famous landmarks.

I chose this topic because Beijing is my hometown. So it is really familiar to me. I can easily find interesting and fantastic places which attract tons of tourists. Nowadays, Beijing has become an international city, not only the capital of China, even the center of the world. I am really proud of my hometown and I always want to show the world the beauty of Beijing. This was a great chance I could invite all my friends to enjoy this traditional and trendy city.
Therefore, I decided to use the form of digital map and image gallery to show a whole picture of Beijing. For all the landmarks I introduced, I did have full experience of them. I picked all the images from my own camera, which is very different from formal tourism websites, in a more casual and corky way.

First I did some research about my topic and self-learning ActionScript3.0 in Flash. Pictures above are some of the research progress and screenshots of the pages.

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