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Adventure Module Report

"Crafting"_Paper experiment


4 Hours



Dorthy Sheng, Ryan Shen



One of the things you will learn quickly enough is that one cannot talk about experience – we must experience experience.

That’s what we did from an adventure module.

After experiencing the most thrilling part —– white water rafting, I teamed up with Liyue and Yuan to build this Craft work as our report to Adventure Module.


“CRafting” the Adventure Module Report, is a set of handmade paper model showing

  • an orange raft  being wiped out by blue waves

  • with one person dropped into the water,

  • one person trying to reach him

  • and one person sitting in the raft trying to keep balance using the paddle.


We spend 2 nights designing the whole scene including

  • making 3D models in 3DS Max,

  • unwraping UVW map in a certain way which makes the uvmap constrain and foldable for paper model,

  • drawing outlines for paper persons

  • preparing crafting materials (paper, box, oil pastels, knife, scissors, glue

Then we gather together the whole afternoon and evening making paper models and assemble them in the cardboard box.

We also attached a piece of motto for the adventure module and the paper model we made.

“Jump into the water of adventure, if you can’t keep save on the boat of life.




The sentence concludes the feeling on making the paper model and adventure module itself.  We think that people’s anxiety and complain on life doesn’t result from the burden of the life, but comes from the “rhythm” they life in. Sometimes we need a piece of experience different from activities that we’ve been doing everyday rather than a lot of rest time to relax. Adventure module, as well as the report (making a set of paper model), is that kind of experience letting us get rid of BVW and Visual Story for a while and refreshing our life.

original link from my teammate Liyue Shen:



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