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Rule the Tides_Interactive Naval Combat iPad Game

September 2013 - December 2013


Orry Suen, Bora Kim, Mayank Grover, Wei Shao, Noreen Durkin, Rod Cano, Chris Cashman


Project Sponsors

Electronic Arts Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO)

My Contribution(As the only 2D artist on the team)
-Be responsible for project logo/poster design

-Unwraped and textured all the models from the game
-Worked on UI design and character development

-Helped with building project website


Worked in conjunction with the Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) at Electronic Arts, we developed an iPad game which can connect to a gaming hub being developed by the OCCO.  The hub will hold our game's save data, including progress and preferences.  Other games, and their data, will also be connected to the hub.  This project experiments with how these two independent games can interact through the hub, sharing and exchanging information to affect their own save data.  

Rule the Tides is an adventure game where the player can travel around with a ship using predictive firing and tactical pathing the player can defeat pirates, gain loot and upgrade their little sailboat into a mighty warships, it offers the player a multitude of weapons and customization to find their own playstyles.


Here is a link of our project website and please check our promo video below!


Here is a web version of the game, check it out!

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