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Team Promo

Visual Story Assignment

RagTag_Team Promo


One Week


Mayank Grover, Danielle Corporon, Tushar Arora

My Contribution


-Most of the camera control
-Editing video

-Special Effects


The purpose of Visual Story class is to learn the basic principles of visual language and cinematic techniques and how they are deployed to tell effective visual stories. Besides, it helped me to understand how camera dynamics, cinematic continuity and editing technique work together in order to achieve dramatic results. At the end of this semester, we are able to develop an intelligent vision of how the dynamics of visual storytelling work across all media such as video games, the web and interactive entertainment.

Here is the first assignment we got for our four people group - a team promo video to introduce everyone on the team. Our team name is RagTag, so we decided to go for a "Ragtag style" pretent to be a bunch of "bad guys".

I was responsible for part of the camera direction and all the editing work.

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