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Warm_2D Animation

September 2010 - November 2010(5 weeks)



Xiuling Jia, Peng Wu

My Contribution
-character penguin drawing and environment design

-penguin animation

-camera control for all the scenes

-all the editing work in Premiere



During the winter of 2010, there were two big opportunities in front of me. The first one is competing in Chinese National Computer Competition of the Liberal Arts for professional media group. Although my major is digital media,the strong emphasis on programming made it really hard to competing with those students whose major is actually animation in professional media group. Besides, that was my first group work animation. As the team leader, this new challenge gave me a lot of pressure. We had some arguments and debates during the process but we still believe in each other to make a great work. Under the theme of low-carbon, we created a unique perspective to show the theme in this short animation about the unreachable love between polar bear and penguin.

Finally, all the hard works paid off. We all know that it’s not perfect even with some mistakes, I still consider this animation my favorite one. It gives me the faith and confident to be in this animation field in the future. And the first team work experiment had a really happy ending~

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